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Getting the most from your carpet

A warm and inviting atmosphere is one of the amazing benefits of having carpet flooring installed in your home. This simple, soft elegance is something you'll enjoy for a variety of reasons. From the stunning appearance, thanks to an extensive line of colors and patterns, to its benefits, both old and new, you may find yourself wondering why you hadn't picked this material for your floors already. What's more, you'll experience a lifespan that easily makes this flooring worth the investment.

Having been in business since 1994, TCT Flooring Inc. offers a great line of flooring materials as well as services featuring quality craftsmanship. We offer both installations of new products and repair of old ones and place the utmost importance on the satisfaction of our customers. With a showroom in New Whiteland, Indiana, we offer our services to the areas of Greenwood and surrounding areas, Whiteland, Franklin, and Indianapolis. For more information on how we can be of assistance to you, be sure to stop in and visit us. We have flooring specialists standing by to answer questions and help you get started on your new flooring project right away.

Carpet facts you don't want to miss

One of the most important choices you'll make in selecting a new carpet is the choice of fiber. Fibers each have their own special character set that will more than likely make one better for you than all the others. Some are better at stain resistance, while others hold a better twist, and still, others are made for absolutely stunning color quality. Choose a fiber that most accurately matches the needs and requirements of your own home for flooring that will easily reach its intended lifespan.

Some manufacturers are creating a carpet with stain resistance built right into the fibers themselves. This means that stains will never have an opportunity to soak into those fibers, so they will never become set. It's also impossible for the protection to be washed away by repeated professional cleanings. You'll be able to enjoy this flooring that keeps looking new, year after year.

For installation purposes, make sure you speak with your flooring specialist about the necessity of a professional installation. Carpet installation requires special tools and a great deal of experience to be successful. Also, DIY installations can void your warranty, causing problems later on. To avoid any unnecessary out of pocket expenses, be sure to make the right choice from the beginning.

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