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Choosing to beautify your home with ceramic & porcelain tile

One of the most luxurious floor coverings, in the eyes of many homeowners, is ceramic & porcelain tile. These materials are gorgeous in appearance, very durable, and have an excellent lifespan. When creating a personalized look, you can choose from something very simplistic to something as intricate as you'd like to make it. At the same time, they work well in a variety of spaces and hold up very well under high levels of traffic. No matter what your flooring requirements are, it's likely this material will meet them all, with a little extra thrown in for good measure.

TCT Flooring has served the areas of Greenwood and surrounding areas, Whiteland, Franklin, and Indianapolis since 1994. Providing high-quality floor coverings and quality services to bring them all together, you can confidently choose us to cover all your flooring needs. In addition to professional flooring installation, we also offer repair services, and as always, your satisfaction is our first priority. Stop by our New Whiteland, Indiana showroom today to find out how we can assist in getting your flooring project off the ground. We look forward to working with you.

Ceramic & porcelain facts for you

Ceramic & porcelain are often spoken of as if they are the same product, and in many ways, they are very similar. However, they do have enough differences that one is probably more likely to work for you than the other. It's important to know these differences so that your floors will last as long as they're supposed to and give you the benefits you're looking for in a flooring.

Porcelain tile is made with the highest quality clays, formed, and then fired in very hot kilns. The result is a high-density, highly water-resistant floor covering that works in a variety of spaces. The materials used to create porcelain give the tile a through-body color scheme which means the tile can be chipped or broken and you're not likely to even know it. They are usually covered with a clear glaze, so their natural beauty can shine through.

Ceramic tile is also made with high-quality clays, however, other materials are added which negate the possibility of the same through-body color option that comes in porcelain. For this reason, these tiles are glazed with colorful glazes and can be used for highly decorative purposes such as solid colors, patterns, and especially unique mosaics.

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